One Tank Challenge

One Tank Challenge

ISUZU renewed its successful experience with the new Isuzu “D-Max” and “mu-X” models 2020 by showcasing their fuel-efficient engines starting from Jeddah which is in the west coast of Saudi Arabia, to the Kingdom of Bahrain via Riyadh in the first challenge for Isuzu models to travel a distance between two countries of 1,430 km without the need to stop and refuel, making another achievement for the Isuzu brand in Saudi Arabia.

Through a journey organized by Isuzu Motors International and its dealers in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the new adventure kicked off and was followed by a group of notable automotive influencers in social media led by Hasan Kutbi. The first lap was from the Jeddah Corniche to Riyadh non-stop. The journey continued to Bahrain after a pit stop at the Isuzu showroom in Al-Khobar.

To confirm the company’s credibility and given the importance of this adventure, the technical team closed the fuel tank cap of the two cars and sealed them with adhesive tape under the supervision and testimony of media professionals who attended the press conference to kick off the trip and until it reaches the last destination in this adventure.

Ten hours into the challenge, the two cars arrived in Riyadh and did a pit stop at the Isuzu showroom for a technical inspection in the presence of a group of media professionals who were waiting to make sure that the fuel tanks are still tightly closed, and then the cars completed their journey to the last station passing through Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province. According to road conditions, the mu-X experience was completed before entering the city of Dammam with a distance of 50 km and an average speed of 80-100 km/h. The mu-X model traveled 1227 km with one fuel tank filled with 65 liters of diesel at SR30.5. This is a record for the mu-X model, which has proven to be a fuel-efficient family car.

The D-Max continued its journey to Bahrain, and the fuel tank was showcased upon arrival to announce the success of the experiment and set a new record. The length of the journey exceeded 1430 kilometers with one fuel tank filled with 76 liters of diesel at SR35.72. The average speed was between 80-100 km/h to testify to the engine power and performance as well as its fuel-efficiency.

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