Tested in the toughest conditions to achieve reliable durability and strength. FORWARD meets your needs with its toughness even in scorching desert.


The Isuzu F-Series brings the benefits of advanced engineering , from vehicle design to superior safety, convenience, reliability and performance. These features are beneficial to any operators needs in meeting the demands and challenges for making any business more cost effective . Your partner for the long run.


The cab styling is design with comfort in mind for any operator resulting in a ergonomic working environment. With a high roof, efficient ventilation, ample storage, good visibility through a large windscreen and emphasis on safety with added door beams and safety belts as standard equipment. Life on the road has never been better.

The Engine

The Isuzu F-Series powertrains maximises performance with high torque output and fuel efficient engines, based on Isuzu ‘s proven technology leadership in the industry.